Q5 – Quality Assurance for Construction Projects

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tbi launches the Q5 quality assurance process for construction projects.

  • Establish good processes, practices and controls through all stages of a project
  • Ensure and improve quality performance
  • Reduce the cost of poor quality
  • Achieve high project performance
  • Enhance customer and client satisfaction
  • Enhance profitability

Click the visual below to see an overview of the Q5 process.


Lean Design Delivery

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Lean Design Delivery for Construction

  • Improve predictability of design deliverables
  • Stabilise the provision of high quality information to support efficient construction
  • Maximise value and minimize wasted time and effort
  • Enhance the flow and productivity of design
  • Collaborative ‘one-team’ design
  • Improve design coordination and communication
  • Reduce the cost of design

Does this sound too good to be true?

The tbi Lean Design Delivery process provides a structured framework for improving the quality, productivity and delivery of design deliverables in-line with the needs of construction.

Click the link below to find out more.

Lean Design Delivery – A3Visual_V2-SUMMARY_VIEW

tbi provide lean services for Enterprise Ireland

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tbi has been appointed by Enterprise Ireland to provide lean improvement services across the range of sectors and within the support categories of:

  • Lean Start – short-term in-company support which will introduce lean principles and agile processes and complete a specific cost reduction project. Lean Start support typically covers 7 days, extending over 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Lean Plus – a medium-term (e.g. 6 months duration) business process improvement programme typically focussing on improving the performance of a specific value stream, process or project. It will result in sustained use by the company of Lean techniques and related methodologies and will achieve significant measurable competitiveness gains.
  • Lean Transformation – an extensive, holistic company transformation programme structured to embed lean culture and competences in the company necessary for on-going competitiveness gains, sustainable continuous improvement and business transformation across the business and its supply chain. Lean Transformation assignments will be preceded by a diagnostic evaluation and will typically extend for at least 1 year.

The tbi team look forward to helping existing and new clients to improve their business operations and the efficient delivery of their products, services and projects.

Improving Project Delivery Performance

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Double productivity, deliver projects ahead of time, improve predictability of programme and cost. A new article released by tbi outlines how improved flow of value-adding activities and enhanced project delivery performance can be achieved by systematically removing ‘rocks’ – the things that prevent the timely and efficient deployment of project resources and the completion of planned work activities.

Click the link below to download the article. Let’s throw the rocks away together!Let the value flow – remove the rocks!

LCI-UK e-learning module on Lean Collaborative Planning

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TBI Limited recently helped to develop a e-learning module on lean collaborative planning for LCI-UK.  Due to be released in December 2015, the e-learning module runs through the principles, steps and structured approach for this important lean project improvement process.

Value Stream Mapping for Construction projects

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LCI-UK Annual Conference October 2015

Richard O’Connor, tbi limited, delivered a training workshop on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and its application to construction projects.  Delegates including clients, designers, engineers and contractors attended this highly interactive workshop. The principles, approach and practices for developing and using VSM was introduced. Real examples of application to construction demonstrated where and how this key lean technique has been applied to enhance delivery performance though all stages of a project.

Lean Production Control for Construction

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Delivering projects 30% quicker, 20% more efficiently & 30% more productively.

To help a major water utility company meet the tough delivery performance targets set by OFWAT for the AMP6 phase of works, TBI Ltd worked closely with the Client and it’s framework partners (designers, consultants, engineers and contractors) to develop a standard approach to Production Control which now forms a key element of the client’s Factory Thinking strategy.

Lean collaborative planning was used as the basis for the Production Control process which focused all parties on developing competitive target delivery programmes and then establishing short-term planning & control to ensure continued focus on timely works delivery.  TBI created a standard suite of support materials and trained all parties to operate this lean collaborative approach for projects.

Early results indicate, reductions in programme duration, predictability of planned activities raising to over 70%, improved efficiency in pre-construction and construction, better teamwork and communications.

LCI Ireland Lean Seminar

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25th March 2015

Over 200 delegates from across the Irish construction industry attended the recent seminar organised jointly by the Lean Construction Institute (Ireland Community of Practice) in collaboration with PM Group at Cork’s Maryborough Hotel.

Richard O’Connor, tbi Limited, talked to the attendees about how to apply lean to enhance the delivery performance of construction projects.  He used case studies to demonstrate what can be achieved through all stages of a project from concept through to completion, and presented the Lean Project Pathway as a road map to help structure and optimise the application of lean to improve quality, programme, productivity and cost performance of projects.

Click the link below to find out more about the event.


LCI Lean Seminar 2015

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Coming in 2015 Richard O’Connor to lead Lean seminar for LCI UK.


More information on venues and dates to follow soon.

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